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Our Bubulum Stercus
I would like to welcome the several new members that have applied to the guild and on the site this past week:  Jmtstud, Haruko Haruhara, Dudericious, and malpenitin.

The sPvP team is still in the works.  Instead of playing as an sPvP team, a few of us got together and participated in a few PvP tournaments to work on our PvP skillset.  We would like to have the dedicated team playing together soon.  If you are interested in being a part of the team, speak to me or FourthCircle.

Guild upgrades - A few guild upgrades were issued this week.  We are focused on getting guild banners that help benefit all members of the guild.  We will try to have guild banners available for use on the weekends when we are all able to use the buff to the maximum.  If we have a high population of guildies on during the week, we may be able to use an xp or karma banner to help.

This weekend I will not have any scheduled events since I am scheduled to work.  If we run anything, we will run them spare of the moment.

Keep leveling and working on your toon.  Hopefully we can tackle some difficult dungeons in explorable mode soon!

People have been asking, so I will answer.  We will be putting together the sPvP team this week.  If you are interested, please let me know via in game mail or here on the website.

The goal of the sPvP team is to put together the best 5 guild members to represent BS to the fullest.  The team positions will be filled based on PvP rank and ability.  Guild rank will be used to determine spots if two or more members share the same PvP rank.  One member of the 5 will be appointed as team leader.  This person will be responsible for setting up match dates/times, possible reporting of results to the site, managing the team and evaluating new players, and reporting to the guild leader.  This person will also have a special guild rank so that they are easily identifiable.  If you are interested in the leader position please let me know right away.

Team members will be appointed over the next few days.  The first sPvP match is scheduled for this Friday at 6:00PM PST.  Match dates and times are subject to change based on the members of the team.

StarLama a This will be the tourney team. Going to get that set up ASAP. Glad we have 2 interested thus far!
FourthCircle About time I'm in. This will be the same team for tourneys?
plexxis a well its about time =D jk, after watching legend of the seeker, this news sounds like your a lord or something haha. by ...

Weekly BS Update 9/3 - 9/9

StarLama a posted Sep 10, 12
I figure that with all of the exciting things going on, I could start doing a weekly recap just to keep new and old members informed about our guild.  If something is missing, please comment below!

First off, I would like to welcome the several new members that have applied to the guild and on the site this past week:  CkyNemesis, thehound, Ryuunosuke, Philster989, jmd87, blooddragon, Kyokun, FourthCircle, Sai, and AeonKnight.  Bubulum Stercus is now stronger with your addition.

Whether people are still working on leveling to 80, building up their crafting, or simply working on obtaining new pieces of gear, leveling and PvE seems to be the focus of most members.  To assist our members, BS has decided to spend its next few influence points on banners to aid with the PvE climb.

With the new activity, BS has earned several guild influence points.  BIG THANKS to CkyNemesis, blooddragon, static, and FourthCircle for buying/using IP boosts.  Your contributions have not gone unnoticed!

Lastly, Plexxis has added a few new photos to the gallery.  Check them out when you have the chance!  If you have any in game photos that you would like to share, please feel free to add them.  The more photos, the better!
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